Exotic Ducks

Exotic Ducks – Feed on aquatic vegetation as well as duck laying pellets. Floating pellets can also be included as part of their diet.

(Prices indicated are for a pair). Availability: January to June

Teal ducks 
Ringed Teal
Ringed Teal-R750/pair
Cinnamon Ring Teal
Cinnamon Ring Teal- R950/pair
Yellow ring teal
Yellow Ring Teal-R2200/pair
Punal Teal
Puna Teal – R2200/pair
Green-wing Teal
Green-wing Teal – R2500/pair
Versicolor teal
Versicolor Teal – R2200/pair
Mandarin Ducks
Cinnamon Mandarin
Cinnamon Mandarin-R900/pair
White Mandarin
White Mandarin-R1500/pair
Carolina  Wood Ducks
Cinnamon Carolina
Cinnamon Carolina-R900/pair
White Carolina
White Carolina-R1200/pair
Falcated Duck
Falcated Duck-R5000/pair
Other Ducks
Cinnamon northern pintail
Cinnamon northern pintail R1000/pair
Tufted Duck
Tufted Duck-R2000/pair
Australian Shovelor
Australian Shovelor – R3500/pair