Rare Chicken Breeds

Large Fowl Breeds – These pictures are of our own birds photographed on the plot
Brahmas have a massive and striking appearance, in part due to profuse, loose feathering and feathered legs and toes. Brahmas are calm, friendly birds that make good pets or exhibition fowl. Males are calm and generally not aggressive towards humans.
Gold Partridge Pair - Brahma

Gold Partridge Brahma

Dark Partridge Cock - Brahma

Dark Partridge Brahma

Light Brahma

Light Brahma

Blue Splash Brahma

Lemon Pyle Brahma

Buff Columbian Brahma

Orpington is a bird was originally bred for its excellent laying and good meat qualities. Their large size and soft appearance together with their rich colour and gentle contours make them very attractive, and as such its popularity has grown as a show bird and utility breed in South Africa. They go broody very often, and make great mothers. Being rather heavy, they are unable to fly so they work well as backyard birds. Due to their build they do well in very cold climates. The fluff of their feathers allows rain water to penetrate their feathers, so they must be kept out of the rain.

Black Orpington

Blue Orpington

Buff Orpington

Blue-Splash Orpington

Chocolate Orpington

Cuckoo Orpington

Lavender Orpington

White Orpington

Bantam Breeds
Polish is a breed of chicken known for its crest of feathers. Their heads are adorned with large crests due to a cone (called a protuberance) on the top of their skull. The crests cover almost their entire heads. Polish chickens are bred primarily as a show bird, but were originally egg layers. Accordingly, Polish do not go broody and are noted for their white eggs. They may be bearded or non-bearded. Hens weigh around 2kg, and roosters 2.7kg.

Chamois Polish

Silver Laced Polish

Cuckoo polish

White-crested polish

White polish

Orpington Bantam resembles the large fowl type in each and every respect. The difference is in the size as the name bantam suggests.    Sebright is a true bantam, meaning it is a miniature bird with no corresponding large fowl to which it is related. They are among the most popular of bantam breeds and are largely ornamental chicken laying tiny white eggs. 

Chocolate Orpington Bantam

Lavender Orpington Bantam

The Featherfoot Pekin is a breed of Bantam shorter than the ordinary Bantam, they are often only 20-30 centimeters tall (with head upright) and their feet and legs are completely covered by their feathers. Pekin Bantams are round, and their carriage tilts forward, with the head slightly closer to the ground than their elaborate tail feathers.  Rarer colours are in great demand, and many breeders spend years perfecting new lines of colours in their birds. Pekin Bantams are very docile, and with careful and regular handling they will be happy to sit on their owner’s lap to be stroked and petted. They make ideal pets for families with younger children for this reason.

Chocolate Pekin

Lavender Pekin